Renovation and Painting

Home Renovation and Painting

The options of home renovation and painting services for customers are many. All they need to do is hire the right team for assistance. The target can be achieved with Artem Construction Ltd, as they have a qualified team to make the house look lavish and extraordinary.

Complete Renovation and Painting

We are sure that once a person hires our team, they will not regret giving their home the desired look. Get the best quotes and save money on converting the home with complete renovation and painting. Customers choose what services they choose, from changing the entire bathroom to flooring.

Painting a whole home for a special event or replacing the flooring of all rooms. All the customer needs to do is let our qualified team visit the home to plan how to manage everything smoothly. Once the work is done, the house looks lovely and spacious enough to do parties or do other stuff.

How do We Work?

Consultation with the Customers

First, our team consult everything with the customers. It is one of the first steps, as it allows us to understand the desires and vision of the clients. So, if you have any unique idea for your property, don’t hesitate to share them with us. In case you need any advice from our experts, we will provide that too, happily.

Desires and Ideas

If needed, our team provide suggestions. If you don’t need complete home renovation or planning to sell a property, a quick makeover is the best option, like painting.

Tricky Projects

To manage complex renovation projects, we work with the architects. The loft conversion and extension of the home need the expertise of an experienced architect, picked by the customer or by us. Our team manage the project from the beginning till the end and deal with every situation.

Detailed Quotes

The project plans get refined in further visits, and everything will put together to provide detailed quotes. We don’t just offer one option to the customers, and we provide them with multiple options to pick the one that suits the best with their budget.

Time Frame

After that payment schedule has been made according to the project size and duration of the renovation and painting process. Once both parties agreed to one thing, the contract is being signed. And we provide a guarantee for all works.


Beginning of the Process

Once everything is our team begins the project. During the process, our team keep the customer informed about everything related to the project. At the end of the project, we inspect everything with the customers and make necessary changes.