Refurbishment Services | Artem Construction Ltd

If you are looking for the best refurbishment services, Artem Construction Ltd will assist you. Our qualified team of experts can manage any home refurbishment project pretty easily. Our team works with the customers closely and make sure they get what they need. Moreover, our services are affordable.

For those who don’t know much about refurbishment services, it is the service in which work like painting, repairing and cleaning is included to give the property a brand-new look.


Bathroom Refurbishment

Broken or cracked tiles, drafty windows, and time to time plumbing issues are the simple signs that tell the bathroom need a refurbishment service. We offer customers complete or small refurbishment services within a budget and fixed price. The material we use for the whole process is also of top standard.

Kitchen Refurbishment

When the cabinets or doors of the kitchen start to fall off their hinges, and no single appliance work properly, and the sink gets blocked from time to time, it is time to upgrade. Do we get too far here? If you are looking for something simple, refurbishment or restoration is the perfect option.

Home Refurbishment

If it is time to give a house a makeover, or you are about to sell a house and like to increase the value. In such cases, Artem Construction Ltd offers efficient refurbishment services.

Customized Services:

Once the customer contacts our team for the booking of services, we arrange a meeting to consult about the property. We had an experience of over a decade and work with many customers in the past, so we know well that each customer requirement is different. So, according to that, we made a plan to manage the task properly. We ensure the project ends within the budget and achieve the goals, too, without compromising the quality.

All this happened because our dedicated team is loyal to the customers and makes no mistake that disappoints customers.

Top-quality Guaranteed:

We aim to offer high-quality service and deliver satisfactory results to each of our respected customers in a refurbishment project. Our service didn’t begin when our team started working at the property, but it begins when the client first contacts us and provides us with details about the process. Our team is trained, work hard and consistent. We use the latest and innovative methods to manage the given task.

On-time and Budget-friendly Services:

As discussed above, our plans are made keeping in mind customer’s desires. We know well how much money customers are willing to spend for the refurbishment and even the deadline, in which we have to complete the task. All this information allows us to make a roadmap of how the project will work. Also, we keep in mind the areas where the issues may arise. So, we decide in the beginning how we are going to tackle them.

Our experience and professionalism allow you to see how much potential your property has, whether you are about to refurbish it to live in or planning to sell it or rent out to the tenants.

Flexibility and Relatability:

No one likes the fact that the refurbishment process continues for months. It is the reason we offer our services seven days a week from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM. It not only minimises disruption but allows us to finish the project quickly too.

So, contact us today and book the service with us. We assure you that you will not get any chance to complain.