Painter and Decorator Enfield

We, ARTEM Construction, know well that it is not easy to find a painter and decorator Enfield these days, as there are many who claims to be the best. People get confused and overwhelm after seeing so many options. So, if you are facing the same issue, don’t worry, as we here to help.

We are in the business for so many years and served so many people. With pride, we can say that each project we have done in the past was successful. From the time we established, our goal was one, serve customers better than their expectations. Never do anything that upset customers. Moreover, always use quality material and the right tools to manage the task.

So, once customers book the service with us, we listen to their needs and requirements closely, as we don’t want to miss any point. Later, for better understanding, even one of our team members do the survey of the property. After that, not only we tell customers the price estimation for service, but we even discuss all the possibilities related to the task.

Why ARTEM Construction LTD?

Service availability seven days a week

We know well that how busy people are these days. It is not possible for them to shut down their business even for a day for painting and decorating service. Moreover, when they plan to get this service to transform the whole house, it is not possible to move out to the new location. As even renting a new property is quite expensive these days.

We like to tell our customers that there is no need to worry about all this with us, as our services are available for the customers the whole week. You can decide which day is more suitable for you and even the timing. Later our team schedule everything in a way that minimum disruption happened.

Affordable Charges

We are not like other firms whose aim is to make money only. To us, customer satisfaction matters the most. We believe that when you serve and treat the customers correctly, there is no need left to worry about money, as it comes automatically.

Furthermore, to ensure we offer painting decorating services at the best price, we keep a close eye on our competitors. So, stay assured that you are not paying extra at any point.

Top-quality material and advanced tools:

To get the best results, it is very important to use the right material. Now we know that customers don’t have enough knowledge about the types of materials used in painting and decorating. Moreover, they don’t know much about the standards too. It is the reason we arrange each material on our own. We have links with the right suppliers, who provide us with everything at a competitive price.

Moreover, to ensure our team members an efficient manner, we provide modern tools to our painter and decorator Enfield. So, as our customer, once you book the service with us, all you have to do is sit back and relax.


To run a successful business, transparency is the key. You can satisfy the customer with the lie for some time and make a profit. But in the long run, it is disadvantageous for the firm. We always speak the truth. We made promises that we can deliver. Otherwise, we don’t say anything. So, trust us, and we will not disappoint you.

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