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Handyman Services | Artem Construction LTD

Whenever you need the service of a handyman, contact Artem Construction Ltd. We are always ready to assist the customers and happily provide the answer to questions by providing expert recommendations and advice. Whether you like to mount a large flat screen of Tv on the wall or plan to hang a new piece of shelves or need a service to repair damaged walls, we have a handyman for all this.

Without a doubt, we are one of the largest property maintenance companies in London. So, stay assured your experience will go well with us. Our aim is to offer efficient service wherever the customers are in London.

Make a list of the jobs you'd like to get done

How many times do you think of fixing the same issues at your home but never get it done? If you asking about such tasks from the people, they could list at least ten such things that need to get fixed at home. Many things are ignore for too long that they have been forgotten.


Our handyman service is a perfect way to get all these jobs done. Every handyman we have is skilled and do multi-tasking. They have all the needed tools to do the task properly and on the first visit. They can fix almost everything around the home.

The perks of hiring our handyman services

Each of our handymen is trained and had experience of many years. They arrive at the property fully prepared and aim to finish the task within the given time and make no mistake. Learn more about us down below!

Insured Handyman Services

The services we offer are fully insured, so don’t worry, due to our handyman faults, you will face any sort of financial loss. If something gets damaged because of our workers, Artem Construction Ltd takes complete responsibility and covers the charges.

Fully-equipped Handymen

As mentioned before, our handyman arrives at the property fully prepared. Gone are the days when people use their hands to manage tasks. We use modern tools to manage the task. It makes the handyman job easy.


Our services are available for customers all around London. So, contact us from any corner of the city; our team will come to serve you as soon as possible.

Guaranteed Work

All our handymen are dedicated. So, don’t worry that they will do something out of the box that makes the situation even worse. They treat your property as their own and take well care of everything.

Affordable Price

The service charges we demand the services are also reasonable. We keep a close eye on our competitors to ensure our customers don’t have to pay even a penny extra. We know well how hard it is to earn. So, don’t worry that we will do anything that will upset you.

Moreover, not every company has to pay the same price, as the cost depends on the services clients take from us.

Working Hours

Our working hours are quite flexible as we work seven days a week from 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM. So, tell us when you want our handyman to be at your property, and they will be there on time. We like to make it clear to our customers that service charges might differ according to hours and day.

So, don’t waste any more time and contact us today for service booking. For more queries, talk with our customer support team, as they are there for your assistance.